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Let's talk about sex

By Meena Menon

Sexuality is often considered a frivolous diversion from the more critical problems of poverty, war, drought or violence against women. But it is precisely in destructive times like these that people become dangerously closed about sexuality. That's why we need to discuss issues of sex, sexuality, obscenity and morality more openly


'Moral' victories

By Flavia Agnes

The debates in the Maharashtra assembly, which banned bar dancing in August 2005, were revealing: "We need to do even more of this moral policing," said members. Can the state impose arbitrary and varying standards of vulgarity, indecency and obscenity on society?


Fundamentalisms and sexuality

By Maya Indira Ganesh

Confronted with chaos, the fundamentalist believes that his role is to protect and defend his tradition, fighting back with absolutism and violence. The uncontrolled woman, the woman with rampant sexuality, the outsider, the migrant, is the most tangible symbol of chaos, and the easiest to control


The 21st century politics of college clothing

By Shilpa Phadke And Sameera Khan

The move to impose a dress code is a response to the anxieties that today, women will wear spaghetti straps to college, tomorrow they will have careers, the day after refuse to be chaste Indian women, the next week make love to the wrong kind of men, the next month declare they prefer women to men, and from there who knows what else


'Women make demands, but only ladies get protection'

By Oishik Sircar

The law remains entrenched in conservative sexual morality. It believes that only the 'good body' can be raped, assaulted or outraged. The good body is that of the good woman - the chaste and loyal wife, maintaining the integrity of the family, culture and nation. A bad woman's sexuality is illegitimate. Her body doesn't conform to the legal construct of a body that can be violated, so she has no legal recourse


The absurdity of laws

By Debolina Dutta

Here are glimpses of some of the laws that work as a tool in the hands of the state to regulate sexuality in the name of preserving 'morals' and protecting 'decent' people from 'sexual contamination'


Is there such a thing as the metrosexual male?

By Mangesh Kulkarni

In the vast grey zone between the media-bolstered faAade of metrosexuality and the deep-rooted structures of patriarchy, an unprecedented transformation of Indian masculinity is taking place


Busting the myth of the Great Indian Sexual Revolution

By Mirra Savara

Recent surveys in the national media suggest that urban Indian women are shaking off years of conservatism and asserting their sexuality: they are having sex, paying for sex and indulging in forbidden sex. Is this picture accurate? And what are the consequences of this portrayal by the mass media?


Written on the body

By Trina Nileena Banerjee

Positive images of the 'independent' woman are everywhere in the mass media: the woman astride the bike -- and the man. But what percentage of these popular images of a woman's body in the visual market are, in reality, produced by women? Between the global open market and the 'traditional' Hindu Right that seeks to control and domesticate her body, where does she stand? Where is her real body?