Wed 1Jun2016

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Civil society and the production of (in)security

Civil society must hold the security sector accountable. It must show a sustained interest in security issues and support informed public debate on them, writes Swarna Rajagopalan


How civil society has changed the world

Eleven million people across the world marching against the war in Iraq; thousands protesting in Seattle against unjust WTO policies… There is little doubt today about the impact of civil society on polities and societies, writes John Samuel


Good governance in our own backyards

Accountability and transparency are vital in every sphere of public life. But most of all in the voluntary sector. In 2004, Credibility Alliance was formed for self-regulation in civil society organisations in the areas of governance, transparency and accountability. Vijay Nadkarni reports


The dog that did not bark

Societies are held together not only by coercion (state) or money (markets), but also by intermediate professional groups of lawyers, doctors etc. The big mystery of Indian civil society discourse is that it focuses on the professionalisation of voluntary associations, not on the professions themselves, says Pratap Bhanu Mehta 


Under pressure

As recognition of their significance grows, CSOs have found themselves under pressure to enhance their accountability, measure and report their impact in corporate terms, compensate for all manner of failures of market and state, and face unprecedented threats to their freedom, writes Ingrid Srinath


Planned obsolescence

Civil society actors must believe that they could find nothing more fulfilling than to become inconsequential, says Anmol Vellani