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African landrush

By Rahul Goswami

India's farmland is now international. In Africa, South America and South East Asia, companies that are Indian or Indian-owned have bought or leased hundreds of thousands of hectares to grow foodgrain, pulses and edible oil. Their acquisitions and activities are seen as backed by the central government in a tacit furthering of India's food security mission


Neem, garlic and green chillies: Recipe for a bumper crop

By Manipadma Jena

Veera Narayana was once a desperate farmer in drought-hit Andhra Pradesh, spending Rs 10,000 in chemical inputs per acre of watermelon crop. Today, he is the guru of organic farming in Singanamala block, his watermelon harvests healthy and his input costs a fraction of what they were


I am no lab rat!

By Braj Mohan

With genetically modified (GM) brinjal set to become the first GM food to enter the Indian market, a unique consumer awareness campaign seeks to raise public consciousness about the consequences of such a policy on public health


Genetic roulette

By S Usha

Jeffrey M Smith, an authority on genetically modified organisms and the author of Genetic Roulette, says that 65 health risks from GMOs provide irrefutable evidence. of harm. In this interview he explains why GM technology must be confined to the lab


The truth about farmer suicides in Chhattisgarh

By Shubhranshu Choudhary

A group of citizen journalists in Chhattisgarh is finding out why four farmers in the state are committing suicide every day, and why the government continues to deny this. They found that in a single district, Durg, 11 farmers had committed suicide due to debt, while 52 labourers took their lives for “economic reasons”


The loan waiver that failed

The much-hyped Rs 71,000 crore loan waiver has benefited only a small fraction of indebted farmers in Banda district of UP, finds Bharat Dogra. But it has set off a spiral of corruption and further indebtedness


'In times of need, you can't eat money!'

By Aditya Malaviya

Many villages in Madhya Pradesh, like Pipaldhana, have set up grain banks that lend both grain and money to people in need, at much lower rates of interest than the local moneylender. This improves people’s food security and helps promote a sense of involvement in village governance


Haiti's real food crisis

By Rupa Chinai

Once the richest colony in the world, Haiti is shockingly poor today. In April Haiti made international headlines for food riots. This two-part travelogue on Haiti looks at how Haiti’s inability to safeguard its local food self-sufficiency has plunged the country into debt and dependence on foreign aid. There are important lessons here for other countries of the South


How food insecurity impacts health in Haiti

By Rupa Chinai

Malnutrition and maternal and infant mortality rates are extremely high in Haiti. Chronic malnutrition is seen as the biggest hurdle in raising socio-economic indicators in the country


Genetically modified crops: The risk factor

By Rashme Sehgal

Leading scientist Dr P M Bhargava warns that India may be flooded with genetically modified foods with unknown health risks unless the government takes urgent action