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Farmer suicides in Chhattisgarh: A state in denial

By Shubhranshu Choudhary

Despite having the highest rate of farmer suicides per 100,000 population, the Chhattisgarh government is in denial. No one talks about farmer suicides in the state. As a result, the problem goes totally ignored, unlike other states like Maharashtra and Kerala


Manipur resists land alienation

By Monideepa Choudhuri

250 farming families are protesting the acquisition of their fertile lands for modernisation of the Imphal airport.With cultivable land already at a premium in Manipur, the transition of agricultural land to infrastructure development all over the state will exacerbate the food crisis, add to poverty levels and cause loss of livelihoods


Revitalising agriculture in Kanjikuzhy

By N P Chekkutty

A decade ago, Kanjikuzhy in Kerala began to worry about the decline of farming. Then the community took the initiative to set up farmer groups and a distribution and retail network. Farmers and coir product manufacturers now get a fair price for their products and also bypass the middlemen


Nutritionist protests ban on lakhodi dal

By Aparna Pallavi

Shantilal Kothari is fasting to have the ban on the cultivation and sale of lakhodi dal lifted. He maintains that lakhodi is an ideal crop for poor rural communities as it promises high yields, very low input costs and excellent nutritive value


Farmer suicides rampant in MP, Chhattisgarh too

By Sushmita Malaviya and Jinendra Singh

A study by the Madras Institute of Development Studies puts the number of farmer suicides in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh at well over 2,000 a year. But both state governments are choosing to ignore the facts. In this report, farmers tell their own story


The SEZ versus the 'unrewarding' small farm

By Aseem Shrivastava

Kakinada farmer Narasimha Murthy's 5-acre farm supports 50 people, each living on around Rs 800 a month, more than twice the official rural poverty line.Why would farmers like him in 16 villages in Andhra Pradesh want to give up this livelihood for the Kakinada SEZ? What does the SEZ offer them anyway?


Industry vs agriculture: The battle over water in Hirakud

By Ranjan K Panda

Before 1997, total allocation to industry of water from the Hirakud reservoir was 31,912 lakh gallons per year. In the nine years since, an 'allocation committee' has allocated 27 times more water to industry. This has, of course, been at the cost of water for irrigation


Call centres for farmers

By Neeta Lal

Eighty-four call centres across the country are answering farmers' queries related to everything from fungus on brinjals to kisan credit cards and prices of insecticides


Food or fuel?

By Rajashree Joshi

Bio diesel blends are driving buses in Haryana, Karnataka and now Pune. As bio diesel becomes the buzzword and corporates rush to develop jatropha and oilseed plantations, experts warn of adverse effects on biodiversity and food security


Taking the GE debate to the people

By Rajashree Joshi

So far it's been multinational corporations, governments, CSOs and scientists who've been guiding the debate on genetically engineered crops. It's time to let people decide for themselves whether GE technology is safe, says Suman Sahai, convener of Gene Campaign