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The dalit voice: Interview with Meena Kandasamy

In this exclusive OS audio interview, Meena Kandasamy, young dalit poet, writer and translator, reads some of her work and talks about writing as a way of refashioning herself, a way of negotiating complex issues related to caste, identity and violence. The interview was conducted in Montreal by Canada-based communications consultant and writer Veena Gokhale.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The invisible scars of Kashmir

There was no word for 'suicide' in the Kashmiri language, and the state had one of the lowest suicide rates. Now, there are 5-6 cases of attempted suicide in every hospital, according to psychiatrists at the Government Mental Health College in Srinagar. Twenty years of conflict have seen a huge rise in mental illness, but there are only 20 psychiatrists serving a population of 4 million. An audio story by Dheera Sujan for Radio Netherlands Worldwide

"The Mental Health Act is totally unconstitutional" – Dr Bhargavi Davar

Dr Bhargavi Davar, Director of the Centre for Advocacy and Mental Health, Pune, talks about her own experiences of mental health practices in India and discusses mental health regulations in India in this audio interview

The law on disabilities

An interview with Sanjay Jain, senior lecturer at ILS Law College, Pune, on disability rights laws in India, and the changes required to make them consistent with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2006. Jain specialises in constitutional and international law and himself is visually disabled, and has his own legal case pending in employment discrimination.

Teach for India

Find out more about a unique programme that gets India's best and brightest to dedicate two years to teaching children in public and private schools

Social responsibility in a corporate world

In this episode of the InfoChange Audio Files, Chhavi Sachdev of Sonologue interviews Tanya and Pooja of Karmayog, the meta-NGO that put out India's first report on corporate social responsibility, last year. Listen on to learn more about who is doing what about their ecological footprint and what a CSR ranking really means.

Evangelist for open-source composting

In this episode of the InfoChange Audio Files, Chhavi Sachdev of Sonologue interviews Poonam Bir Kasturi, who is an evangelist for open-source composting. Poonam, who founded the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, runs a company called Daily Dump that works with local potters to create utilitarian but beautiful composting bins in Bangalore. She's taking her solution for basic waste management to everyone who will have it.

Giant steps for Muslim women

Sharifa Khanam set up a Muslim Women's Jamaat in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu, in 2003, encouraging a liberal interpretation of Shariat law, and freeing women from patriarchal bias. In this interview she talks about her long struggle for women's rights and her dream of setting up a women's mosque.

Broken voices

An audio interview with Valerie Mason-John, author of a new book on dalit women in Maharashtra. These women are twice oppressed – first as women and then as dalits

Employment for the disabled: A slow change begins

Basic accessibility issues keep the disabled in India from meaningful employment opportunities. An audio report