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Fear and loathing in god's own country

By Max Martin

Akshara (8) and Ananthu (6) have been boycotted at school and in their village of Kodiyoor in Kerala because they are HIV-positive. Following pressure from several quarters, they have now been allotted a separate room at school in which to study, and a new teacher


Orissa's child domestic workers: The 'nowhere' children

By Manipadma Jena

In a state where 48% live below the poverty line, and where natural disasters take their toll every year, it is not surprising that the population of child labour has increased by 15%. Many of these children work as domestic workers, abused, burnt and exploited in every way


Bal Sansads: Members of Parliament at 11

By Lalitha Sridhar

As India constitutes its 14th Parliament in New Delhi, 4,000 children in Tilonia, Rajasthan, have elected 56 members of parliament to their fifth Bal Sansad. The Bal Sansad is a novel way to teach children about democratic processes. But it's not just about role-playing: children are actually responsible for school administration and solving local problems such as water management


Pioneering government-NGO partnership to manage juvenile homes

By Lalitha Sridhar

Vidya Shankar, chairperson of the State Juvenile Welfare Board and founder-director of the NGO Relief Foundation, has pioneered Chennai's first government-NGO partnership for the management of juvenile homes


Orissa's IMR Mission

By Elisa Patnaik

Orissa has the highest infant mortality rate in the country at 97 per 1,000 live births. Approximately 86,000 infants die in the state each year. Poor healthcare facilities for mother and child, malnutrition, malaria and lack of awareness are major contributing factors. Can the state reduce IMR to the targeted 60/1,000 by 2005?


Forced underground: Child labour in India's carpet belt

By Rashme Arora

Media attention worldwide has only forced the practice of child labour in the carpet weaving industry of UP, Jharkhand and Bihar underground. In several towns and villages that this reporter travelled to across three North Indian states, children continue to work the looms, but behind closed and guarded doors. Child labour is a fact of life say both factory-owners and parents of the children working here. If they do not work, how will they eat?


Cash can't end discrimination

By Sakuntala Narasimhan

Will the recently announced cash incentives to poor mothers giving birth to girls really help to discourage female infanticide, female foeticide or the pervasive neglect of girl-children?


The barber's wife: Sex advisor to child brides

By Pamela Bhagat

In the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh, where no family planning campaign has ever penetrated, it is the Naun or barber's wife who accompanies child brides to their husbands' homes at puberty and advises them on family planning and family welfare. This traditional practice does not seem likely to change in the foreseeable future