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Ethical business the Alacrity way

Chennai's leading construction company has proved that ethical business is profitable

Alacrity is the undisputed leader amongst apartment construction companies in Chennai. It's got to that position, with a turnover of more than Rs 100 crore, without ever having paid a bribe or dealt in black money or any other illegal operation. In India at least, a company that has proved that it is possible to do ethical business and still be a commercial success, is an exception.

Launched in 1978, Alacrity is owned by its employees. The undertaking is based on the values of honesty, commitment and accountability. Today the company is the undisputed leader not only in the fields of construction but also energy management, health and education in Chennai.

Alacrity has changed the rules of construction in this city. The company represents a house of trust for the common man. More than 60 per cent of the respondents in a recent market survey in Chennai named Alacrity as their most preferred company.

The company has constructed more than 30 per cent of Chennai's apartments, effectively minimising the problem of housing in this metropolis. Moreover, each housing project undertaken by this company subscribes to the rules of the Director of Development Control, the nodal government agency.

Recalling the nascent stages of this undertaking, Amol Karnad, chairman of the Alacrity group of companies, says, "The central idea of starting this venture was to bring about a merger between the quality of social life and individual life."

Not being satisfied only with ethical business, this company has also provided employment opportunities and fair wages for a migrant labour force, thereby showing that its concern transcends class barriers.

Although there have been problems by way of political pressure and acute competition, the organisation has been successful in persisting with its values of discipline, renewal and commitment. Says a customer who has benefited from the Alacrity experience, "When you are investing the savings of your life, you need a builder you can trust and we have found one in Alacrity."

Alacrity has effectively proved that value-based management does not curb profits and that economic growth and social development can go together.

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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