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Last updateSat, 22 Jul 2017 6am

Profiting from the needy

Samir Nazareth questions cause-related marketing which extends a corporation’s markets – for water purification sachets or sanitary napkins -- in the guise of providing essential services to the poor

drinking water


Chronicle of a disaster foretold?

40% of the Maruti Manesar workforce are contract or casual workers with a take-home of around Rs 6,000, and no paid leave. All structures for dialogue between management and workers had been disrupted, writes Rahul Varman, resulting in the unforgivable violence of July 18

Maruti Manesar plant


What’s really at stake in the Vodafone tax case

The Supreme Court judgment in the Vodafone case argues that the 'corporate veil' cannot be pierced as long as there was no intention to avoid taxes. Rahul Varman on how and why corporations in India manage to undermine the law and the public good for the sake of private profit

Vodafone tax case


Corporate personhood: Rights without responsibilities

By Rahul Varman

Why is the Occupy Wall Street movement protesting corporate personhood? How and why did corporations come to enjoy – and exploit -- the legal rights and freedoms granted to individual citizens, even while they are exempt from the social responsibilities that go with those freedoms?


Satyam and the truth about CSR

Can a company that has indulged in a massive corporate swindle get away by quoting its many social development projects as proof of its good intentions, asks Rahul Varman


The merits of affirmative action

By Meher Gadekar

An important pillar of affirmative action in the US has been the preferential allotment of tenders and contracts in the corporate sector to blacks. What have opinion-makers and industry in India done to build a just society for dalits? Most recently,industry turned down the government's request for reservations in the private sector