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Preparing children for disaster in Andhra Pradesh

Twenty NGOs involved in disaster management in Andhra Pradesh train children to recognise cyclone warnings and act on them, build floating devices, rescue and treat the injured and get people safely into cyclone shelters. For the children it's fun and games, but with a very serious undertone


An enabling infrastructure can make all the difference

Gram Vikas in Orissa helps villagers build their own disaster-proof houses and village infrastructure. Theirs is a unique and very successful model of disaster preparedness and management


Bhuj, January 26-29, 2001

This is Dr Prasun Deb's account of the immediate aftermath of the Gujarat quake, describing how he and other local doctors struggled to give hundreds of patients medical aid in the complete absence of infrastructure. This account was written three days after the quake


Rebuilding schools amidst ruins

Bharatiya Jain Sanghathana built the first school within 12 hours of the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat. It then went on to rebuild 626 schools in 444 villages across the state, giving thousands of children a stable environment and hope for the future


Women and children first

Orissa's Mamta Gruhs, or temporary shelters, have identified and rehabilitated hundreds of women, children and old people left without families, following the 1999 supercyclone