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Green warriors of the Garo hills

By Teresa Rehman

Meghalaya’s South Garo Hills are under serious threat from illegal coal mining. The Garo Students Union, and its dynamic leader Prosper S Marak, have been battling to preserve the biodiversity of this region. Marak was declared Earth Hero for 2009 and also won the Young Naturalist Award for 2009


Tribal activist takes on steel giant

By Moushumi Basu

Tribal activist and journalist Dayamani Barla, who won this year's Chingari Award for Women Against Corporate Crime in India, discusses her battle against the entry of Arcelor Mittal into Jharkhand where she says 80 lakh adivasis have been displaced by industry


Satish Kumar: Walking the talk

By Naveen Vasudevan

Satish Kumar, editor of the alternative magazine Resurgence, talks about his 8,000-mile journey on foot to protest nuclear weapons, and the connections between peace, social justice and sustainability


Cleaning up the Ganga

By Rashme Sehgal

In Varanasi alone, 2,000 million litres of sewage are dumped into the Ganga every day. And there are 47 other large towns situated along the Ganges. Mahant Virbhadra Mishra of the Sankat Mochan Foundation explains his alternative plan to clean up the river


'If only Indira Gandhi was sitting there, asking, is that tiger safe?'

By Lalitha Sridhar

The free market economy has turned us into a consumerist people who lead insular lives and will not engage with issues such as conservation, says Valmik Thapar, tiger conservationist tiger conservationist, wildlife advisor, author, filmmaker and spokesperson for the natural world.Add to that the fact that India's corporate world has given nothing back to the natural world and that after Indira and Rajiv Gandhi there has been no political will to protect the environment, and we have a recipe for disaster


'A film seen by 50 empowered people is far more effective than a film seen by 50 million passive tel

By Lalitha Sridhar

In a wide-ranging interview, award-winning wildlife filmmaker and conservationist Shekar Dattatri talks about filmmaking and conservation, and how filmmakers can be a bridge between the two. Dattatri is also founder of the Chennai-based Trust for Environmental Education and co-founder of Nature Quest, a forum that promotes conservation through creative collaboration and interactive events that aim to increase awareness and appreciation for nature


Ashok Khosla: Mini enterprise leads to macro change

Ashok Khosla has spent decades developing and promoting environment-friendly and commercially viable technologies ranging from village power plants using agricultural waste as fuel to mini factories that recycle paper and local enterprises that make low-cost roofing tiles. The founder of Development Alternatives has been awarded the United Nations-Sasakawa Environment Prize for 2002


Ramachandra Guha: The trouble with radical environmentalists

By Gauri Gadgil

Well-known historian and writer Ramachandra Guha discusses the crisis in the environmental movement today, how environmentalists are always looking for impossible ideal solutions, and why development must place equal emphasis on ecology, social justice and economics. After all, he says, isn't democracy all about harmonising conflicting interests?


Anil Agarwal: Economic globalisation must be followed by ecological globalisation

By Anil Agarwal

In an interview with Le Monde (April 1999), environmentalist Anil Agarwal, who passed away on January 2, talks about the three big challenges for humanity in the 21st century