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Poaching fish in Kutch Sea

By Anosh Malekar

Caught between declining fish yields, the carving of the oceans into exclusive economic zones since the 1980s, frequent inquiries and detention by the Indian maritime security forces after the 26/11 terror attacks and the risk of capture by Pakistani maritime authorities, Gujarat’s 3.5 lakh marine fisher folk are fast losing their traditional livelihoods


Coastal cities need to clean up their act

By Rahul Goswami

Economic growth is pushing the original protectors of India’s long coastline out of their homes and livelihoods. The waste generated by this takeover flows into our seas, endangering the ecology and health of millions. Infochange begins a new series on coastal nightmares, examining the extent of the damage and how coastal communities can respond


Sea change coming...

By Richard Mahapatra

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, sea levels in India are expected to rise at the rate of 2.4 mm a year; in 2050, the total increase will be 38 cm, displacing tens of thousands of people. For nearly 25% of India’s population living along the coast, global warming is a question of survival rather than a scientific theory. City slums are already seeing an influx of climate refugees