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Coffee shops, cricket and a pogrom

Kai Po Che cleverly supports the idea of the Indian nation as one that is secular in appearance, neoliberal in conduct and Hindu at the core, says Oishik Sircar

Kai Po Che (KPC)


How do we remember Gujarat 2002?

Oishik Sircar analyses the sophisticated spectacle of economic development that has insidiously annihilated memories of the Gujarat riots


Why the to-do over this particular rape?

What makes rape an exceptional form of violence against women which has the potential to elicit such outrage that other kinds of violence, sexual or otherwise, don’t, asks Oishik Sircar

The Times of India joins the media spectacle that’s surrounding the Delhi rape case


Homonationalism: Queer tales of queer prides

There is a transition in the way nation-states are portraying queer people: from figures of death from AIDS to posterboys for the freedom and modernity of the ‘progressive’ West. But is such pinkwashing co-opting queers into the politics of racism, asks Oishik Sircar as queer communities gear up for the Pride Marches  


A short story about the Indian Constitution

On the centenary of his birth, Oishik Sircar recalls Saadat Hasan Manto's famous story about Ustad Mangu's faith in a new constitution. Does it offer us today a reality check on the gap between our Constitution's promise of emancipation and the reality of violence that it performs?

Saadat Hasan Manto