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Last man first

By Nandana Reddy

The late LC Jain’s new book titled ‘Civil Disobedience’ illustrates how corruption has become the norm and ‘India Shining’ the cover-up for all our ills. And how the battle for democratic decentralisation today has become one to save the state itself from a corporate takeover


Manipur: A history of strife

KS Subramanian was part of an independent citizens’ fact-finding mission to Manipur that presents its findings in the capital on November 23. This article traces the history of violence in the strife-torn state and analyses the deteriorating situation since July 23, 2009


The poor pay bribes of over Rs 8,000 million to access public services

By Deepti Priya Mehrotra

A study on corruption across India reveals that approximately 50 million BPL households paid as much as Rs 8,830 million in bribes in one year to access 11 selected public services. Highest on the corruption list is the police


'The government is over-stretched; we need stronger public-private partnerships'

By Rashme Sehgal

Former civil servant N K Singh, whose book 'The Politics of Change' has recently been published, believes that the state cannot absolve itself of responsibility in the social sector. But at the same time it cannot be expected to provide all the initiatives in these areas


Rich countries' commitment to development slipping, says new survey

While the world's wealthiest nations made lofty promises to better the lives of the world's poorest nations, at the G8 summit in 2005, an analysis of their policies on trade, aid, the environment and immigration by the Center for Global Development shows that they haven't made good on their promises


Stories from 'Other India'

By Frederick Noronha

Struggle India Reader questions the goal of 'development' in India, since liberalisation, globalisation and privatisation were 'unleashed' upon the country in the mid-'80s


Poverty in India increasingly region-, group-specific, says 'Social Development Report'

A pathbreaking new report assesses development issues like poverty, unemployment, health and sanitation, urban governance, decentralisation, communal relations and how far women and marginalised groups have progressed across the social indices. It finds that the spatial map and social base of poverty in India have significantly changed over time


Governance in India: A dismal report card

By Rahul Goswami

Social Watch India's second Citizens Report on Governance and Development examines the sensitivity, efficiency and efficacy of the institutions of governance in ensuring the fundamental right to health, education and livelihood. It comes up with some startling findings


The average Lok Sabha MP is worth Rs 1.4 crore

A higher percentage of less-educated MPs are richer and have more criminal cases against them than those with higher educational attainments. The Public Affairs Centre's analysis of the background and assets of 541 members of India's parliament suggests that money and muscle power continue to bring in the votes


Increased social security will enhance economic growth, social stability

A new survey by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) highlights the fact that individual economic security promotes well-being and tolerance, whilst also contributing to the growth and development of a nation