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Erosion of the European economy?

Europe’s economic crisis needs to understood not only in the context of the crisis of credit-driven speculative finance capitalism worldwide, but also in the larger context of the economic, social and cultural history of Western Europe, writes John Samuel.


The politics of corruption

While a strong anti-corruption law can reduce petty corruption, at the heart of the problem is the increasing lack of accountability in the political system, big corporations, media and even NGOs, writes John Samuel. Breaking the nexus between business elites and political parties could be the first step


Anna advocacy: Politics as performance and spectacle

John Samuel analyses the relevance and irrelevance of Team Anna’s media-driven mode of advocacy, which unfortunately sought only to transcend politics, not transform it


Norway's paradox of prosperity

In peaceful, open and newly-prosperous Norway, where migrants now constitute 10% of the population, Anders Breivik is the face of increasing socio-political prejudice against the ‘other’ who looks different, eats different and prays different, writes John Samuel from Oslo


What is left of the Left?

As long as there is a dominating status quo, marginalisation and violation of human rights, the Left has a role to play globally and in India, says John Samuel. But the new wave of left politics must go beyond party politics -- to the building of a more ethically driven leadership, a non-violent mass movement seeking economic and political reform, and advocacy for public policies that favour the marginalised and poor


Egypt: The making of a revolution

The mass protests at Tahrir Square in Cairo may have begun with a mobilisation on Facebook. But it’s important to go deeper and understand Egypt’s political and social history to explain what is happening and how it will impact the region and the world, says John Samuel


Migration from Kerala: The end of an era?

Kerala is on the threshold of a transition: with income from remittances set to decline and emigration to the Gulf decreasing, the remittance-based and largely service sector-oriented growth process will not be sustainable, writes John Samuel


700,000 republics

John Samuel on Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of local self-government, and how far panchayati raj in India still has to go to realise that vision


Religious revival in a changing world

By John Samuel

New insecurities and alienation that arise out of migration and urbanisation in a globalised world are driving more people to religion as a way of establishing their identities and validating their experiences


Communal, sectarian, neo-conservative: Is this the new Kerala?

Is Kerala’s famed cosmopolitan ethos breaking down? With increasing incidents such as the severing of the hand of a Kerala professor for a perceived sectarian offence, it would seem that the once solid Malayali identity is being fragmented on religious, denominational or caste grounds, says John Samuel