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From candid camera to condemned

The use of a picture of a healthy mother and child in an HIV/AIDS campaign triggered a reaction that undid much of the good work the campaign was trying to achieve. The case should act as a wake up call for those working in sensitive areas where stigma and discrimination are still very strong, says R Induja


How one newspaper thinks positive

By Papri Sri Raman

Positive +, a free bilingual newspaper brought out on a laptop from Asma Naseer’s living room is India’s first newspaper on HIV/AIDS. The paper’s commitment to building up a friendship with the reader and its innovative design have made it popular in and around Chennai where it already faces a demand for more copies than the 5000 it can afford to print


AIDS Jaago: Beyond pamphlets and preaching

When Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Bhardwaj, Santosh Sivan and Mira Nair make films on HIV-related themes you don’t get standard fare about struggling prostitutes or helpless drug abusers. You get films about hunger – sexual and emotional – and the sex we have but cannot always voice, says Indira Maya Ganesh


HIV and the grand narrative recast

AIDS Sutra: Untold Stories from India, a collection of 16 essays on HIV-related themes by some of India’s top writers, combines lucid writing and rich detailing with thorough research, says Nirupama Sarma


Stories from a crisis

There is a whole body of literature and cinema about HIV/AIDS in the West since the 1980s. Why has so little attention been focused on the epidemic by Indian writers and filmmakers, asks Jerry Pinto


AIDS in the Kannada press: a new subject, a new vocabulary

HIV/AIDS has a definite presence in the Kannada press today, as training, information and sensitisation for journalists has improved, discovers Shangon Das Gupta