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A vaccine for AIDS – hope, caution and opportunity

Senior scientist Shahid Jameel says the partially successful HIV vaccine trial in Thailand has offered a direct opportunity to understand the correlates of protection in humans. The initial trial results, though modest, will surely energise HIV vaccine research towards a more complete analysis of the successful immune response


Biomedical research on HIV/AIDS in India

Biomedical research aims to improve individual health through more effective medical diagnostics, clinical care and therapeutics as well as through public health practices oriented to the community. It encompasses fields such as clinical sciences, epidemiology, basic sciences, drug and vaccine development, and clinical trials. The quality of biomedical research can be significantly enhanced by operations research, behavioural research and research in health economics, policy and management. Sheela Godbole and Sanjay Mehendale detail some of this research


Vaccine development: Still a shot in the dark

Despite many ongoing trials, a vaccine for HIV is still a distant goal, Dr Shahid Jameel of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology tells Sandhya Srinivasan


What are the challenges of conducting clinical trials for an HIV vaccine?

India recently completed its first clinical trial for an HIV candidate, a Phase 1 safety trial at the National AIDS Research Institute, Pune. A second Phase 1 trial is ongoing at the Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC), Chennai. Sanjay Mehendale, Deputy Director of the National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), discusses the logistical and ethical issues involved in running a trial for an HIV vaccine with Sandhya Srinivasan


AIDS vaccine trials in India: Ethical questions

The AIDS vaccine trials in India are one step closer to fruition. Sandhya Srinivasan examines the ethical problems posed by such trials, particularly in developing countries


AIDS vaccine trials in India: Ethical benchmarks and unanswered questions

Amar Jesani and Lester Coutinho on the issues that AIDS vaccine trials pose for India


AIDS vaccine trials for India: getting the facts right

Anjali Nayyar details how India’s first ever AIDS vaccine trial in 2005 was strategised and executed, and clarifies that IAVI did share the results of similar European trials with its Indian collaborators


Addressing ethical concerns in the Indian HIV vaccine trials

Ethical practice requires that researchers should ensure the safety and welfare of participants in drug trials, and protection of their rights say Seema Sahay and Sanjay Mehendale