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Understanding India's pub-going, loose and forward women

The Pink Chaddi and Pub Bharo campaigns that followed the attacks on women in a Mangalore pub should be seen not just in terms of the right of women to access public spaces, but as a negotiation with what it means to be middle class, Indian, women, and consumers in a global modernity, says Padma Govindan


Interrogating aravani activism in Tamil Nadu

Does the struggle for civil rights and mainstreaming of a community such as the transgender community of Tamil Nadu sound the death knell for the rituals and traditions that hold the community together and give it a sense of coherence and narrative power, asks Padma Govindan


Waiting in line: Queer women and the case against 377

How will a victory in the reading down of Section 377 affect queer women? And how can the goals of the queer movement be made to reflect the multiplicity of identities and issues experienced by its more marginal members, asks Padma Govindan in this new series on the intersections in gender, sexuality and politics