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Fri 1Jul2016

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Under an equal sky

By Manjira Majumdar

Classical dancer Alokananda Roy’s dance project for prisoners serving life sentences in West Bengal’s correctional institutions helps build self-esteem and gives the prisoners hope and purpose


Ashvasan: The night is not here yet

By Charumathi Supraja

Musician Lalitha Ubhayaker founded Ashvasan when she was grieving for her mother. Today, through 10-odd recreation centres spread across the city of Bangalore, Ashvasan works at healing “the self-esteem, dignity and sense of purpose” of the elderly


Playing for peace

A unique initiative for children in countries ravaged by war and communal conflict uses play to bring about an understanding of the differences between people


Sanganer's no-bars prison gives criminals a new lease of life

In this open prison convicts live with their families, go out to work and pay taxes for water and electricity