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Globalising at any cost

Indian mega-cities are rushing to provide world-class infrastructure to welcome capital investment. But a close look at the budgets of Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore reveals that the investment in roads, flyovers and telecommunications for the few is at the cost of essential services like water, sanitation and public health for the many More...

Inclusive mega-cities in globalising Asia

Urban development that is geared to the needs of global capital displaces or excludes poorer segments of the population and leads to the social and spatial segmentation of the mega-city into citadels and ghettos. How can globalising mega-cities be made pro-poor and inclusive? More...

Consumption and urban India: The poor are only Peeping Toms

The urban vision invoked by the media is of a consumption utopia. What impact does this portrayal of a shining urban India have on city-dwellers who live in slums or on the streets? Surely, by stimulating desires that cannot be fulfilled, marketers are contributing to a revolution of rising expectations? More...

First cousins: The ties between rural and urban India

Growing up: Levels of urbanisation

Middle India: Towns versus cities

The informal sector and urban poverty

Cities as habitats: Survey of homes in urban India

Planning the past: History of India's urban Plans

Key statistics on urban India

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