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Linguistic inclusion on the internet

Linguistic inclusion on the internet

By AlokeThakore

Not a single one of the Eighth Schedule Indian languages is used by more...

Net neutrality: Superhighway to digital inclusion

Net neutrality: Superhighway to digital inclusion

By Ashoak Upadhyay

If users have to pay for the services available via the internet unde...

Ambivalent internet: Freedoms and fears

Ambivalent internet: Freedoms and fears

By Shivani Gupta

The internet is not a gender-neutral space. Women from patriarchal backg...

Digital inequality in the Global South

Digital inequality in the Global South

By TT Sreekumar

Studies which focus on information and communication technologies (ICTs)...

Caste concerns in landmark e-governance projects

Caste concerns in landmark e-governance projects

By Rahul De’

Many e-governance programmes in developing countries reach into the furthes...


Infochange Media Fellowships 2009

We are happy to announce the winners of the Infochange Media Fellowships 2009. We received over 120 applications. Four fellowships are being awarded this year. They are:

Subrat Kumar Sahu

For a series of articles on Community Forest Management in Orissa. At a time when most of India’s forest areas are depleting due to either poor management or non-forest activities such as mining, metal factories, and dams, a revolution in forest conservation is quietly perpetuating itself in the adivasi heartland of India, says Sahu. In Orissa alone, more than 2,000,000-odd people belonging to some 10,000 villages have formed village-level communities to protect and manage more than 4,000,000 ha (hectares) of forests, which they have recreated from barren lands... and which ensure the sustainability of the local economies. Sahu’s series will profile the CFM initiatives, look at the state challenges in the form of joint forestry management and state power, the loss of the forests to mining leases etc, impact of Forest Rights Act and the likelihood of government selling its forests in the international carbon market as carbon sinks.

Kurush Canteenwala

For a documentary film titled Dilli ki Pyas, about the haphazard and inequitable water supply and water management in Delhi,  and the proposed Renuka Dam in Himachal Pradesh, which will submerge 3,000 hectares of fertile land and 11,00,000 trees and displace 800 families and part of the Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary to provide Delhi an additional 1,450 million litres of water supply – roughly equivalent to the water lost in leakage, theft and transport every year. The film will be located in Delhi and the Renuka Dam site in Himachal Pradesh.

Maheen Mirza

For a detailed study of nutrition amongst the urban poor in three Bhopal slums. Mirza proposes to explore 1) The impact of migration and consequent loss of access to natural resources/grainbanks on nutrition; 2) how informal, unorganised livelihood patterns affect nutrition; 3) government interventions to promote food security; 4) how the markets are inducing the poor to switch to processed foods that appear nutritious;  and 5) women’s role in food provisioning.

Rintu R Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh

For their joint proposal titled ‘In Search of My Home’, a documentary film that records the  narratives of refugees in India who live precarious lives in the absence of refugee status from the UNHCR. These refugees are from Burma, Bangladeshb and other nations. The film will serve to comment on the ambivalence of India’s refugee policy and how the lack of policy of the Indian state, absence of legal redressal systems, minimal healthcare, abject living conditions and dwindling educational opportunities form a complex mire that seems impossible to get out of.


Congratulations to the winners. We will be in touch with you individually shortly. We will also be in touch with other applicants to the fellowship, whose proposals we found very interesting and which we would like to feature on in the future.


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