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About Agenda

For too long now, citizens have left policies and decisions that impact their lives and determine the course of development to closed coteries of ‘intellectuals’ and policymakers.

If civil society is to step in and re-imagine the world, if citizens are to participate in meaningful debate and discussion and advocate change in public policy and social attitudes, civil society must be strengthened through access to diverse perspectives and alternative messages. This is becoming increasingly difficult in a culture that allows little room to question mainstream messages and mainstream agendas.

InfoChange Agenda has been conceived as a quarterly dossier that informs civil society on crucial issues of sustainable development and social justice, diversity and pluralism -- issues that are being pushed into the margins. It is designed to enable concerned citizens in India /South Asia to marshal salient information, facts, figures, perspectives and reportage, so that they can clarify their ideas and participate in drawing up an agenda for a more equitable and sustainable world.

Agenda is put together every quarter by InfoChange’s extensive and credible network of journalists, development analysts and activists. This network has collaborated over the last few years to build InfoChange News & Features (, one of India’s most-visited online resource bases on development and rights issues.

Please write in to us with feedback on the contents and your ideas and contributions for forthcoming issues of Agenda.

-- Editors