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Toxic Tours - XIX: Toxic Trespass

By Sharyle Patton

The right to bear a family and the right of all women to control all aspects of their health, particularly their own fertility, are being seriously compromised by exposure to toxic chemicals


Toxic Tours - XVIII: One man's gadget is another man's poison

By Lisa Batiwalla

Even as a consumer in Europe opts for the latest design in mobile phones, somewhere in Asia a migrant worker is dismantling his discarded phone, risking exposure to hazardous chemicals. A report on e-waste


Toxic Tours - XVI: The dirty dozen

By Papiya Sarkar

The ABCs of POPs or Persistent Organic Pollutants and the challenges they pose for India


Toxic Tours - XVII: White asbestos: Silent killer

By Gopal Krishna

Armed with all the facts on the harmful effects of asbestos on human health, and the knowledge that most countries worldwide have imposed a ban on the substance, India continues to import nearly Rs 230 crore worth of asbestos and consume over 125,000 million metric tonnes a year


Toxic Tours - XV: 2003: A defining moment for food safety issues in India

By Laxmi Murthy

India's policies on pollution and pesticide use address impact mitigation and end-of-the-pipe solutions only. No thought is given to the Precautionary Principle, which raises fundamental questions about the process of development itself, says Ravi Agarwal, Director of Toxics Link, which works towards public education and awareness on issues of ecological contamination