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Struggle for human dignity

Dirt and the Delhi Jal Board

By Agrima Bhasin

Delhi’s dalit sewerage workers labour in the city’s sewers without bodysuits, oxygen cylinders and other protective gear


A bill rooted in apology is the way forward

By Agrima Bhasin

The 2012 draft bill broadens the definition of ‘manual scavenging’ and prohibits the employment of persons for hazardous cleaning of sewers and septic tanks. But it stops short of the apology that dalit rights groups demand

safai karamcharis manual scavengers


A death foretold

The tale of the progressive undermining of the National Commission for Safai Karamcharis is a tale of intentional decay, writes Agrima Bhasin

Caste discrimination


The Railways in denial

By Agrima Bhasin

Ten years after a PIL was filed against the Indian Railways as the biggest violator of the Manual Scavengers Prohibition Act with 172,000 open discharge toilets, the ministry continues to deny the practice of manual scavenging. This article traces the journey of the petition

Manual scavenging


Burning the basket of indignity

By Agrima Bhasin

A yatra by 500 dalit and Haila Muslim safai karmacharis to motivate other women to give up the practice of manual scavenging and burn their brooms and baskets, will culminate in Delhi on January 31. The other leg of this journey requires a society that perpetuates this practice to shake off its caste bias

Manual scavengers