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1,500 children saved in one district in two years

By Rashme Sehgal

Approximately 80% of maternal and infant deaths could be averted if pregnant women and newborns had access to basic healthcare services, says Unicef's State of the World's Children Report 2009. This has been proved in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh, where Unicef and the government have set up 24-hour transportation and care services


47% of children in India are underweight: Unicef

Over half the world's underweight children live in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, says a new Unicef report on the global progress on children's issues. About 5.6 million children worldwide die every year for lack of adequate nutrients


The richer the district, the poorer the sex ratio

By Durga Chandran

A study by the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics establishes a clear correlation between the number of sonography centres and decline in child sex ratio in Maharashtra. The average sex ratio for districts with more than 100 sonography centres is 901 and for districts with less than 100 sonography centres it is 937


A world where children everywhere live beyond the age of five

It is likely that 90 countries, 53 of them developing nations, could reduce child mortality rates by two-thirds by 2015 if they maintain their current rate of progress. Worryingly, however, 98 developing countries lag behind, finds a new Unicef report


The disappearing girl-child

The 'First Report on Religion Data, 2001', collected during Census 2001, brings to light the persistent bias among communities against the girl-child and clarifies that region plays a greater role than religion in overall development indicators


Streetchildren speak

By Rashme Sehgal

Ten children's organisations, 20 photographers, 12 translators and the staff of Youthreach have worked for three years to put together a volume that records the prose, poetry, pain and desires of streetchildren across India-in their own words


State of World Population 2003: Investing in Adolescents' Health and Rights

The recently released State of World Population 2003: Investing in Adolescents' Health and Rights report by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)examines the challenges and risks faced by the younger generation, all of which have a direct bearing on their physical, emotional and mental well-being


How globalisation affects India's children

By Rashme Arora

Pressure from the World Bank is diluting the State's responsibility for compulsory primary education and public health. A new report examines the state of India's 370 million children