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Katie's Krops
Those of you who think veggies are "yuck" should meet 11-year-old Katie. Katie is the founder of Katie's Krops that works to start and sustain vegetable gardens of all kinds and sizes, and donate the produce to help feed people in need. And to inspire others to do the same.
Little Red Wagon
The best things in life start with the smallest of things. In Zachary L Bonnerís case, it was his favourite red toy wagon. For many, a wagon is one of those dream things you can pile your life on and walk around flicking dust from your shoulder.
Women's voice
Ruth Manorama recently won the Alternative Nobel Prize for 2006. But wait a minute. Who is Ruth Manorama? And is there such a thing as an 'Alternative Nobel Prize'?
And the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize goes to. Bono?!
He has been nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. And even though he is Irish he was voted one of the most important Britons of the last 100 years, in a BBC poll. In December last year, Time magazine named him one of its Persons of the Year (the list included Bill and Melinda Gates).
Arvind helps animals in distress
In Mumbai and other large cities, in our rush to get on with our busy city lives we often ignore those in trouble. This includes animals.