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Is India overpopulated?
If you've ever wandered around any of India's big cities at rush hour you'll know the feeling. Crowds, crowds and more crowds. Our cities would really be so much more comfortable if there were less people. There'd be fewer cars, less pollution, more green spaces, less trash strewn around, and less poor people. After all, if there were fewer mouths to feed there would be less hungry people and more food for those who really needed it.
What is Life Cycle Analysis?
When you buy and use a product, how do you know if it's good or bad? In a general sense, if it is useful, works well, and fulfils its purpose without costing you too much, you can say that the product's good. But now that caring about the environment is becoming important, judging whether something is 'good' or 'bad' goes beyond its usefulness.
What is the poverty line?
In these web pages you will often come across the words 'the poor' and 'poverty'. Let's try and find out what it means when we call people poor.