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One World
The ancient Silk Route
Imagine a time when there were no airplanes, trains, telephones, or even electricity. Trade flourished even then. How did regions and communities network for various businesses? By trade routes, of course! Not just internal trade of a few hundred kilometres, but inter-regional trade that covered thousands of kilometres and connected continents. The ancient Silk Route is the most famous of all land trade routes
Conquering dreams
Military conquests have many repercussions. But the desire to conquer does not always spell destruction. While it is all about power and control on the one hand, it is also about union. It is subjugation. It forces entire regions into submission. But it is also about the slow and gradual amalgamation and resurgence of cultures.
When gods travel...
Although the temples in Thailand are exclusively Buddhist, the author was surprised to see that they also house Hindu deities that are popular in India. And the devotees follow many of our traditional forms of worship and rituals. It's fascinating how gods travel...
Barriers and warriors
A new column explores cultural differences between nations and people. This article looks at how boundaries came to be drawn and protected