H ome
 I n the news
 S cience for everyday life
 E arth warriors
 O ne World
 E xpressions
 W hat people are talking about
 W hy people are talking about
 T he trouble with
 G ood ideas (for a better world)
 T en biggest environmental problems
 M essages from Little Earth
 D o It Yourself
 S torybook
 A lternatives
 C hangemakers
 F ind out for yourself
 P oetry for change

Poems often tell us lots about the word around us. They speak of trees and flowers, of trains and planes and buses, of boys and girls and uncles and aunts of real and imaginary animals.

Each poem in our section will lead you to think about something close to you. Enjoy these verses and enjoy the new spaces that they open up in your mind.