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How much water do we really need?
As temperatures continue to rise over the long summer months, so too do our thirst levels and we need to drink lots of water to avoid getting dehydrated.
Where does your food come from? 
There's a lot of oil in your food and that's not just because it's greasy; your food has lots of petrol in it! To put it another way, a lot of petrol or petroleum products like diesel fuel is needed to grow and bring food to your plate. If you live in a city, your food has to be brought from the farm where it is grown to the bazaar where you or your parents buy it. This is usually done by truck or train, both of which are powered by diesel fuel. If you buy food that is not grown locally it has to travel further. If some of the food you eat, like certain fruits, is from a foreign country it will travel by ship, again powered by petrol. Some delicacies are even flown in by aeroplane.