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Diwali and the gift-giving season may be over, but soon it will be Christmas. And the advertisements for various gift items will continue into that season.
Twenty-five years ago they didn't exist. Now, compact discs (CDs) and digital video discs (DVDs) are everywhere. We buy them from music shops, we copy our music onto them, all our computer programmes and games come on CDs, and we use them to back up our work on the computer. CDs have become so popular that we even get them free with magazines.
Gold is an obvious sign of wealth and people who are wealthy flaunt as much of it as they can. Just before Dussehra or Diwali our TV screens are full of advertisements for gold jewellery, and no Indian wedding would be complete without lots of gold being on display, worn either by the guests or the bride and groom.
Plastic bags
Maharashtra has become the latest state in India to ban plastic bags of a certain thickness. But what's wrong with plastic bags? Why do so many people claim that they are dangerous to man, the environment and other living things?
Everyone loves chocolate, whether it's in a candy bar, ice cream or sauce. Yet not everyone finds this product of the cocoa plant sweet. The problem with chocolate is that this natural agricultural product is grown in tropical countries most of whom are very poor countries.
Cars are wonderful inventions and even if you or your family don't own a car it is impossible to imagine life in a city today without one. Already, there are about 523 million cars on the roads worldwide.