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Greenhouse gases
The need for countries all over the world to cut down on their greenhouse gas emissions is becoming more and more urgent. Almost every day there are news reports on these gases and the harm they are causing the world. The most interesting recent news has been that the American state of California is suing the world's major car manufacturers for damaging the state by being major contributors to greenhouse gases.
Avian flu
These days, the newspapers seem to have at least one story every day on avian or bird flu. Not just people but countries are frightened, and thousands of chickens all over the world have been slaughtered.
The World Bank
In this website and on www.infochangeindia.org you will often find references to the 'World Bank'. Many people criticise and blame it for all kinds of things, but the Indian government and other poor countries depend on it and are eager to take the money it gives. What is the World Bank? Is it actually a bank, and can you go there to open an account and borrow money? Does it have a vault where gold is stored?
The monsoons
As the summer heats up and it seems to get hotter and hotter every day we all wait eagerly for the monsoons, scanning the papers to see if it will arrive on time. They have just hit southwest India and are now slowly moving northwards. Once the rains come to Mumbai the newspapers carry information on how much rain has fallen and if the water reservoirs that store water for the city are close to becoming full.
A burger three times a day. With fries
Everyone loves a good burger. But would anyone want to eat one everyday? For three meals? For a month? And eat nothing else? This probably sounds disgusting even to the most ardent fast food fan. Yet one man did just that, and filmed himself doing that to prove a point. The point he wanted to prove? That no matter what they say in their advertising, fast food restaurants like McDonald's are not good for your health.