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The Clemenceau
An old French warship, the Clemenceau, has been making a lot of people in India very angry. And this is neither because it is French nor because it is a warship, but because the ship contains asbestos, an extremely dangerous substance.
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
A single measurement, Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is often used to show how well a country is doing; it's like a report card for a country. This number is based on the idea that economic activity, which refers to business trade, promotes economic growth and that in turn promotes employment, resulting in income.
The right to information
On May 12, 2005, parliament passed the Right to Information Bill giving all Indians the right to ask their government for any information about its functioning, and expect to get a reply, without spending too much money or waiting too long. The bill includes central and state governments, panchayati raj institutions, local bodies and recipients of government grants.