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Captured by cotton

The Sumangali Scheme in Tirupur and Coimbatore districts lures young girls – often minors and dalits -- from impoverished areas of Tamil Nadu to work in MNC garments-manufacturing units on the promise of nutritious meals, comfortable accommodation and a lumpsum payment. What they actually encounter is poor work conditions, low wages, restricted freedom of movement, and limited privacy, says a study by SOMO and ICN


Poor income in informal sector drives majority of sex workers into flesh trade: Survey

Excerpts from the findings of a recent pan-India survey of sex workers by Rohini Sahni and V Kalyan Shankar suggest that a significant number of women move fluidly between other occupations and sex work, and that the lives of sex workers cannot be reduced to simplistic binaries


Pluralism and the bauls

By Kalyani Chaudhuri

Mimlu Sen writes about Bengal’s famous baul singers and their pluralist visions of the world with depth and humour, and the immediacy of an insider. The bauls’ simple way of life is under threat from urbanisation and consumerism


Give rural poor control over ecosystems to fight poverty: WRI report

With proper management and the incentives that come with control and accountability, ecosystems could generate enough income to lift the rural poor out of abject poverty, says a new report by the World Resources Institute


The voices of the millworkers of Mumbai

By Sanjay Iyer

'One Hundred Years One Hundred Voices' is a strong and sprawling history of Mumbai's textile mill district and its 1.3 million people, now displaced by the consumer civilisation


Vishvakarma's children struggle to break into the new economy

By Enakshi Ganguly-Thukral

A review of two books that examine the lives, craft and challenges of India's craftspeople today