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Child sex ratio falls further, according to provisional census data

Provisional data from the 2011 census reveals that the numbers are up but the growth rate is down. And the child sex ratio shows fewer female children born or surviving than in the previous decade


'Aadhaar' takes off in Tembhli village

Five women and three children from Tembhli village in Maharashtra’s Nandurbar district were among the first people to receive a unique identification number (UID)


Caste census in June-Sept next year

A focused, stand-alone, house-to-house caste headcount will be conducted between June and September 2011, after the National Population Register is ready. This decision comes after five months of wrangling among political parties, first over whether to undertake a caste enumeration or not, then over how to go about it


UID project comes under fire

The National Advisory Council is the latest group of concerned people to ask for more information and consultation on the unique identification (UID) project that could cost the taxpayer a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh crore


Stand-alone caste headcount now a certainty

The government has decided to include caste in the census. Cabinet is expected to endorse the decision shortly


Cabinet to fix caste in census

A day after the Group of Ministers gave the go-ahead for caste enumeration in the census, Parliament was informed that the final decision on “how and when” will be taken by the Cabinet


High population growth rate worries government

The government says the high rate of population growth, particularly in states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, is a matter of “serious concern” as it is having an adverse impact on the available national resources


'Everyone Counts', but India needs to stabilise its population

The theme for this year’s World Population Day is ‘Everyone Counts’, underscoring the importance of data for development. It is estimated that every year India adds the population of Australia to its already staggering 116.1 crore population. The Indian government feels it’s time to stabilise


Government stalls decision on caste census

Although it has promised to factor in the sensitivities of political parties on a caste-based census, the Manmohan Singh government is not in any hurry to take a call on the demand


Cabinet will decide on caste-based census: PM

The decision to include caste as a parameter in Census 2011 will be taken only after due discussion in Cabinet, says Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh


Unique ID Authority of India's approach for data collection finalised

A Cabinet panel approves the approach to be adopted by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to collect demographic and biometric data of every citizen


Govt buckles, moves backwards to 1931

Backward caste leaders have forced the UPA government to concede their demand for a caste-based census. The government, which had argued for enumeration based on universally accepted demographic tools, gave up in the face of unanimity among politicians over the issue


Indian government says no to caste census

Despite growing demands for the collection of caste-wise data during the ongoing census, the Union Cabinet has decided there will be no change in the way the population is being enumerated. At the same time, it is ready to discuss and consider other ways of generating a more accurate statistical picture of the caste composition of Indian society


No census in several hundred Chhattisgarh villages

No census exercise will be undertaken in several hundred villages in Chhattisgarh that have been rendered ‘out of bounds’ for government officials, by Naxalite groups


'Largest in the history of mankind', India's Census 2011 takes off

For the first time, census enumerators will collect information on ownership of mobile phones, computers, connection to the Internet, and treated/untreated drinking water supply. They will also take fingerprints and photographs of everyone, in a move that is expected to help the government formulate development plans and strengthen the country’s security


Satara asks couples to put parenthood on hold

Offering couples cash incentives if they put off having their first child by two years has delayed 2,500 births, claim officials in Satara district


11 Indian states, three UTs achieve 'two children per couple' target

Although India has a long way to go in arresting population growth, 11 states and three union territories have shown the way by attaining the ideal of two children per couple. However, states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh will need at least 15-20 years to achieve this goal


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