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BODHI: Contuining medical education for healthcare workers

By Sandhya Srinivasan

For 20 years, Dr PK Sarkar has been publishing bulletins and magazines to provide doctors and patients unbiased and objective information on drugs and rational therapy. His journals are fiercely independent, even if that means a hand-to-mouth existence


What to do with our waste: the Sulabh solution

By Lalitha Sridhar

Dr Bindeshwar Pathak is founder of the Sulabh Sanitation Movement, which has constructed over 650,000 toilet-cum-bath complexes and 62 excreta-based biogas plants in India. In this interview he explains how he brought the 'untouchable' subject of toilets and sanitation to the national agenda


Drs Nandakumar and Shylaja Menon: Coming home

By Mari Marcel Thekaekara

From top-of-the-line healthcare centres in New York to the Gudalur Adivasi Hospital in Tamil Nadu was one hell of a jump for Drs Nandakumar and Shylaja Menon. But it's been 12 years, and they're still working in their dream village


Bimla Devi: Health messages and hymns

By Alka Arya

Bimla Devi, a young dalit woman from Nagal Teju village in Haryana, has managed to ensure safe motherhood and deliveries in her village. She has got the upper and lower castes drinking water from the same tap. She has prevented a child marriage. And she has spread awareness about gender equality and panchayati raj.


Drs Roopa and Narayanan Devadasan: Incredible odds, fighting the gods

By Mari Marcel Thekaekara

Until the '90s the tribal people of Gudalur Valley summoned the Bettakurumba gods for all their health problems. It was years before Drs Roopa and Narayanan Devadasan could begin to change the tribal health scenario. But slowly and painfully their determination paid off. Now the Bettakurumba gods have started sending patients to the Gudalur Adivasi Hospital!