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Govt notifies stronger pictorial warnings on tobacco packs

With over 2,000 people in India said to be dying every day from tobacco-related diseases, the government’s notification for more graphic pictorial health warnings on tobacco product packs from December 1, 2011, is long overdue


Antibiotic resistance reaching critical levels, warning for India: WHO

A report on ‘superbugs’ in Delhi’s water supply and warnings from the World Health Organisation about the growing incidence of drug resistant bacteria mark World Health Day


Delhi High Court orders crackdown on illegal tobacco outlets

Tobacco products are still being sold outside schools and colleges in defiance of the law, a PIL alleged, prompting the court to order better policing, and directing the government to increase awareness about the dangers of smoking


Indian Supreme Court rules on the right to die

In the absence of legislation on the controversial issue of euthanasia, the Supreme Court has stepped in and ruled that ‘active euthanasia’ or administering a lethal injection to end life cannot be permitted. The court was ruling in the case of 60-year-old Aruna Shanbaug who has been lying in a vegetative state for 37 years after being brutally attacked and raped


HIV prevalence climbs among FSWs in Mumbai: study

HIV prevalence has gone up from 28.1% to 34.9% among female sex workers in Mumbai and a few other districts in the country, according to a study of six vulnerable Indian states


Govt defers stricter warnings on tobacco packs

The government has postponed a move to mandate dire warnings on cigarette packs by a year even as the Supreme Court orders it to do more to contain the tobacco menace


AIDS epidemic stabilises worldwide: UN report

UNAIDS Global Report 2010 claims a 20% drop in the HIV/AIDS infection rate and death rate, with India halving its infection rate in the last 10 years


'Religious leaders should promote organ donation': Health minister

Expressing disappointment over the dismal rate of organ donation in the country, Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad has asked religious leaders to promote this noble cause


India's TB burden highest in the world: WHO

India carries the highest burden of tuberculosis in the world, with 2 million new cases in 2009, though government and NGOs have “remarkably scaled up their intervention,” says the World Health Organisation


WHO lauds India's polio eradication efforts

The country’s drive to eradicate polio has been impressive -- reflected in a 95% reduction in the number of cases -- says a top official at the World Health Organisation


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