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Dalhousie Square: Where the magnificent and the mundane meet

By Madhumita Bose

Soumitra Das’ White & Black, brilliantly photographed by Christopher Taylor, examines the makings of the great mercantile city that was Kolkata. It focuses on Dalhousie Square, juxtaposing the grand and the magnificent with the grime and squalor of everyday life in a crowded, bustling Indian city


Financing urban housing a major challenge says UN-HABITAT

A new report by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme warns world governments of a worsening urban housing crisis if they cannot come up with the money to build 96,150 houses per day for an additional 2 billion city-dwellers by 2030


Another interpreter of Indian maladies

By Arshia Sattar

Suketu Mehta's Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found picks up, historically, where V S Naipaul left off -- with the post-Babri Masjid riots and bomb blasts of 1993. Mehta follows the same trajectory of trying to understand the lumpenisation of a great and throbbing metropolis


The voices of the mill workers of Mumbai

By Sanjay Iyer

'One Hundred Years One Hundred Voices' is a strong and sprawling history of Mumbai's textile mill district and its 1.3 million people, now displaced by the consumer civilisation


UN-HABITAT report on global slums

The figures are startling: globally, one billion people now live in urban slums, claims a new report. This number is expected to double within the next 30 years, if no action is taken


The great terrain robbery

By Rashme Arora

The root cause of urban slumming lies not in urban poverty but in urban greed, says the author of 'Slumming India', Gita Dewan Verma