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Santosh, Sameer and Salman – three real-life 'slumdogs' - live in Dharavi, Mumbai’s biggest slum. They are among thousands of child ragpickers in the city, making a vital contribution to Mumbai’s recycling industry, based largely in Dharavi. The boys comb through mountains of rubbish on the outskirts of the Indian metropolis that generates 8,000 metric tonnes of waste every day. They have no protection against the dangerous toxins that surround them. But for them, they say, waste is gold. Who recognises the value of their contribution to waste management in the city? What will happen to them and to the waste recycling industry of Dharavi when the slum redevelopment plan ousts them from here? Parasher Baruah won the Infochange Media Fellowship 2008 to make this film.

Director: Parasher Baruah
Duration: 24 minutes