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War for water -- and one victory

A report highlights how far rural water and sanitation has still to go, while the success story of the twin cities of Hubli-Dharwad shows the way forward for urban India


More Himalayan follies?

By Kannan Kasturi

The new 'United Nations World Water Development Report 3' carries alarming warnings about the impact of glacial melts in the Himalayas. But over 450 hydropower projects are being planned in the Himalayas without taking the consequences of climate change into account, says a report from International Rivers


Oil or water? Getting our priorities right

By Darryl D'Monte

Worldwatch's new Vital Signs 2006-2007 seems more concerned with rising oil prices than with depleting water resources


A reality check on Bhakra

By Himanshu Thakkar

For decades the success of the Bhakra dam has been cited to silence all those who questioned large dams. A new report that assesses the real impact of India's iconic Bhakra dam that's been credited with ushering in the Green Revolution has shaken up policymakers. What is the truth behind the hype?


Freshwater supplies under serious threat in tsunami-hit areas

In the aftermath of December 2004's devastating tsunami, governments are having to cope with problems ranging from waste disposal and degraded environments to the disruption of basic services like water supply and sanitation


Himalayan waters of hope

By Ramaswamy R Iyer

A review of Bhim Subba's new book about the Himalayas and the water environment it houses


Water security in 'desert' Rajasthan

By Vidyadhar Gadgil

Water security is not determined by nature alone. Culture, social structures and tradition play an equal part in ensuring water security in low rainfall regions such as Rajasthan. Anupam Mishra's landmark book on traditional water harvesting and storage systems in Rajasthan is now available in English translation


Falling water tables: UNEP report on better management of groundwater

The UNEP paints a worrying picture of this critical, hidden, natural resource. In rural India, 50% of irrigation water and 80% of drinking water is pumped up from underground sources by 3 million hand-pumped wells


We need water counsellors as much as marriage counsellors: UNEP chief

The Atlas on International Freshwater Agreements, brought out to mark World Water Day on March 22, 2003, in the International Year of Freshwater, claims that the availability/non-availability of freshwater could be the flashpoint for future conflict in the world


Bypassing community rights: The National Water Policy

By Ranjit Devraj

India's new National Water Policy emphasises continued government control over water, ignoring pleas by environmental groups to involve local communities in order to overcome looming shortages. Scroll down for a critique of the policy, for the draft policy of 2001, and for the modifications made this year