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To each according to his needs

By Anup Sharma

In villages along the Indo-Bhutan border in lower Assam, where the deepest wells are dry, communities rely on the traditional dong community water-harvesting system which operates on sound principles of water management and judicious distribution


Creating artificial glaciers

By Freny Manecksha

The melting of natural glaciers due to climate change is a matter of global concern. But in Ladakh, a technique to create artificial glaciers that are designed to melt has rejuvenated agriculture


Water from the sun

By Moushumi Basu

The inhabitants of four villages in Jharkhand have turned their lives around by installing a system that uses solar energy to draw out groundwater. Villagers are now assured of clean drinking water and have added vegetable cultivation to their source of income


Bamboo pipes to transport water

By Ranjan K Panda

When all attempts at alerting government to the water scarcity in Orissa’s Malkangiri district failed, a group of tribal women turned to an ingenious traditional solution – using bamboo poles to transfer water from a stream to their village


Water as a catalyst of change

The N M Sadguru Water and Development Foundation has helped villages in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh set up irrigation cooperatives to manage and distribute water


Making the desert bloom

The nomadic life of the Jat tribe in Hazira, in the Rann of Kutch, has been transformed by the discovery and use of water in the desert


Putting technology to work for India's poor

A water purifier that requires no electricity, can be set up in 10 minutes in the remotest areas, and that filters out even viruses, has been developed by the polymer division of the National Chemical Laboratory. The filter has immense potential in rural and disaster-prone areas


Water management in Pimpalnare: The people succeed where government failed

Two hundred farmers in Nashik district of Maharashtra have formed a cooperative to harness water and irrigate their fields


Taking projects out of the lab and onto the land

By Lalitha Sridhar

The ICRISAT-developed Adarsha watershed management project near the village of Kothapally has yielded dramatic results. Groundwater levels have risen, green cover increased, and productivity and incomes in this semi-arid tropic region radically improved


Taj Air Caterers turns the focus from megalitres to negalitres

By Lalitha Sridhar

Rainwater harvesting makes news every day. But conservation and recycling of water is equally important. Taj Air Caterers in Chennai shows the way